Frequently Asked Questions

You must be 19 years old and above to order any cannabis products from Buy My Wed Online

Customers can make their orders any time of the day and on any day of the week all year round. Our shipping services run from Monday through Friday. Therefore, all orders placed on the weekend will be sent out the following Monday. 

We are using signature on delivery to ensure that your products are not stolen and get to you safely. Once your delivery arrives at your doorstep/address, you’ll be required to sign it. If you’re not available to receive the package, it will be delivered to the nearest post office, where you’ll pick it at your most convenient time, and you must present your ID while at it. 

Yes. You’re free to opt out of signature on delivery, but please note that we will not re-send or replace an order once it has been delivered to your address. 

That’s what we are all about. All products are carefully packed in our customized smell-proof packaging. Our staff does not release orders for shipping before the packaging is confirmed completely odorless, child-resistant, and compliant with the stringent regulatory needs. The package is then sealed in a high-quality envelope. Nobody will ever suspect what’s inside, not even your nosiest neighbor. 

We have been operating Mail Order Marijuana for many years now. And so far, we’ve not heard anyone arrested for receiving cannabis via mail. We guarantee legal and safe shipping services, and you need not worry about being charged for buying weed online in Canada. 

Yes. We comply with all Canada cannabis regulations, and we’ll need to confirm that you’re of legal age. As such, you’ll be required to use your real name, especially if you’re placing an order for the first time. 

We do Photo ID verification and compare the name used while placing the order against that in your ID. Remember that if your package is sent to the post office, you cannot retrieve it unless you provide your real name.  


  • Browse through our products page and learn about each product by clicking on its title.
  • Once you have identified your ideal product and selected your preferred weight/flavor, select the “ADD TO CART” option.
  • To review your order, click the “VIEW CART” option.
  • Perhaps you’ve added a product that you don’t need? You can take it out of your cart by clicking the “x.”  
  • To adjust the quantity of your products (add/reduce), press the +/- buttons and click “UPDATE CART” when done. 
  • Review your order and confirm that it’s as you need, and then press the “PROCEED TO CHECK OUT” button. 
  • Confirm your order details, address, and billing info. 
  • Once you’ve read all our terms and conditions and are happy, proceed to “PLACE ORDER” and wait for a confirmation email.
  • If your purchase is unsuccessful, you’ll need to set up an account as guided below.
  • In the email, you’ll be guided on how to send your E-transfer. Confirm that it’s been processed and relax as your package is being delivered. 
  • Go to the registration page 
  • Correctly fill out the provided form
  • Then press the register button 
  • You can now place your order successfully. 

Currently, we’re only shipping to Canadian addresses.

Confirm that you input the correct email. If so, check your junk mail.

All consumable products cannot be exchanged or refunded once delivered. Any issues with non-consumables will be looked into, and a solution will be provided accordingly. 

Unfortunately, no. Placing an order is final, and our system does not allow changes or cancelations. You can Contact Us, and we’ll cancel the order for you.  


Currently, we accept email E-transfers, so you’ll need to have an online baking account. Please follow the instructions provided upon Check Out or Contact Us for further assistance. 

  • Once you’ve registered for online banking with your bank, login to the website/banking app and locate the E-transfers section.
  • Click the account from which funds will be deducted. 
  • Add our email as provided and the total amount as per the invoice. 
  • Enter the secrete answer that will be provided once you’ve checked out. 
  • A notification will be sent to us, and the order process begins as soon as the funds are transferred into our account. 

5% GST is charged on all products.

Standard shipping charges are $20, however orders above $99 qualify for free shipping. 

Xpress shipping charges are $25, and orders above $200 qualify for free shipping. 

After you have submitted your E-Transfer, we will wait for it to arrive to us (it’s not instant and can take up to 48hours). Once the payment is received, the order status automatically changes from “on hold” to “processing.” It is then be processed and shipped out the next day. (if it’s on a weekend, your order will be shipped that coming Monday. 


Please note that tracking numbers can only be given Monday through Friday once your package has been scanned. Otherwise, if it’s a business day and your order is already marked as processing, but you haven’t received a tracking number, kindly Contact Us, and we will respond to your case. 

Generally, it takes up to 12 or more hours to update tracking numbers. But if 24 hours are over and it’s still invalid, don’t hesitate to Contact Us, and we will be happy to assist you. 

If the package doesn’t arrive on the expected delivery date as per your tracking number, please Contact Us and provide your Order Number. We will reach out to Canada Post and file a trace on your behalf. They will locate your package, and it may arrive the following day. 

Note that it can also take anywhere between 3-5 business days to locate your package. But we promise to be there for you until it gets to your doorstep.

Once your package is delivered to Canada Post, we are no longer responsible for it. We cannot give refunds for stolen and lost packages as that is solely on Canada Post and beyond our control. 

Sometimes Canada Post may mistakenly deliver your package to the wrong address. Please check with your neighbors or confirm at the community mailbox. It’s also advisable to allow the package another 24 hours as postal workers sometimes scan a package as “successfully delivered” while it’s still on its way. 

In case you don’t receive your package within the next 48 hours, kindly Contact Us, and we will reach out to Canada Post. We will file a trace on your behalf, and if Canada Post locates your package, they will deliver it to you. This process can take anywhere between 2-5 business days or more. 

It’s not mandatory. However, we will not be held liable once your tracking is marked as “delivered” and your package goes missing. 

Perhaps there was an error in the shipping information you provided, or the postal workers entered the wrong postal code. Either way, we do not issue refunds if your package gets into the wrong hands. The best that we can do is contact Canada post on your behalf, they’ll investigate, and if your package is found, it’ll be sent to you and may arrive withinn 3-5 days. 

Buy Weed Online will not be held liable for stolen or missing packages. If a customer provides an incorrect address and the order is shipped, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to help. 

Please update your shipping details, ensure all your information is accurate and notify us.